Monday 18 March 2019
Matamata Intermediate

AssemblyThere will be a whole school assembly at 9am Monday morning. Please line up quietly outside your classroom and make you way to the hall respectfully. 
10:00am  Riley Ganley 

1:30pm  Luke Mes-Mahutte Rm 8  

3:00pm Taylah Hercock - Rm8  
9:00am Mason Broomhall  Rm 14  Mum attending

9:45am Heavenly Leng -Rm 4
Drum catch up lessons today for Wednesday drummersCatch up lessons today for the Wednesday drummers,come at your usual times please except for
Tyhler,Harry,Jacob,Kees,your time is at 2pm
Alyssa,Emily,Jaxon,your time is 2.30pm
Library Enrichment (Monday Group)For those who are doing Library Enrichment  Monday Group, today you will need your pens, gluestick and a device. If you do not have one or can't get a class one, I have 6 booked in the library.
Reception Duty
Reception duty for today is:
Receptionists please bring work with you.
Block 1 -Room 
Morning tea - Milla Taylor and Leah Jacobsen
Block 2 -Room 13
Block 3 -Room 13
Block 4 -Room 3
Ukulele group Ukulele Group practice today at lunchtime, remember your song sheets and bring your ukes if you have one.

School uniformBeing proud of our school means wearing our uniform correctly. Today, we will be checking that everyone has this correct uniform including hats. Please make sure you are wearing what you are meant to be. Anything you have on, that is not part of our uniform, will be collected by your teacher and your parents can come and pick it up. Thanks for showing consideration and commitment to our school by wearing your uniform well.

Whaea Hayley's Groups - TodayArohamai, there will be no groups with Whaea Hayley today.

Hockey TrialsHockey trials to be held at the college on the following dates
Thursday 4th  APRIL 4.30- 6.00 pm
Tuesday 9th APRIL 3.30-5 pm ( walk over the stiles to the turf, be changed in PE uniform)
Come changed and ready to go - (mouth guard, hockey stick and chin pads and sneakers are a must)

Netball TrialsNetball trials will be on our school courts on Thursday 21st and Thursday 28th March 3:30-5pm

This will be for Year 7's and Year 8's. All students wanting to play netball this year will need to be at these
SportMonday - TOUCH (If raining, you need to come to Room 6 at Lunch to get important reminders for tomorrow)

Wednesday - INDOOR BOWLS

Thursday -  BOXING

SwimmersJacob - could you bring your jackets to the student reception please?
Winter OlympicsIf you haven't been to Room 3 this morning to try on tshirt and hoodie sizes, please come to Room 3 in break 1
Winter OlympicsWe have a very important meeting for you and a parent/caregiver on Wednesday at 5:30pm in Room 3
We need everyone to attend. Please remind your parents