Tuesday 26 May 2020
Matamata Intermediate

Band and Choir this weekAfter a disappointing turnout of one person for band last Thursday, I am reminding you every day this week!  Senior Band this Thursday at 11:00!  Instruments, music and you!  Please do not forget.  Juniors I am hoping to have you as well within the next two weeks but we need to get the Seniors up to speed first.
I had to do a round up for choir as well.  Many were out on the field.   This coming Thursday at 12:00 (not a permanent time) for now!  Don't forget!
You already know your lessons start this week as well.  Get your embouchure, fingers and grips back, we have a lot of miles to make up!
Cheers,  Mrs Ward
College students drum lessons todayBlake hornsey your lesson is at 11.00
Lowie,maddy,jacob your lesson is at 2.00
Alyssa tebay 3.30
Itinerant lessonsA reminder, all lessons are back on.  Today is Mr Barratt for wind instruments, Thursday is guitar with Mr van Wering and voice/keyboard with Mr Pennington.  Friday is brass with Mr Cullen.  All lessons back on!
Lost PropertyPhone found last Friday. Email mrsmcintosh@matmataint.school.nz if you think it is yours.