Monday 18 February 2019
Matamata Intermediate

CANTEENCanteen Monitors, not a bad start to the year.
Please come to collect lunches at 12.55pm and return the grey trays as promptly as possible.
Friday Sushi will start this Friday :)
Hamlet vs The Lion KingPlease return your forms to Mrs Nicholls in R14 by Wednesday. If you will not be taking this opportunity please let me know TODAY so I can offer your place to a student on the waiting list. 

Reception Duty
Reception duty for today is:
Receptionists please bring work with you.
Block 1 -Room 
Morning tea - Milla Taylor and Leah Jacobsen
Block 2 -Room 13
Block 3 -Room 13
Block 4 -Room 3
Recycle MonitorsALL classroom recycle bin monitors need to meet Mr TeBay at the recycle shed at 9:00am today.
Year 8 Passions and Interests SurveyWe want to know what you are interested in. All Y8 need to complete the google form sent to your school gmail today so that we can start planning enrichment groups for you.

If you have not received the link go to:

College FencelineA friendly reminder that our boundaries are the trees along the College fence line.  No one is permitted to sit on the fence. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.  


Matamata Golf Club Golf Coaching.

Hello, my name is Mike Leeper and I am the GM at Matamata Golf Club.

I am writing to inform your sporting convenor/organizer that the Matamata Golf Club in Silk Road, Okauia has a level one golf coaching session to any of your students who wish to attend on Saturday afternoons at 4pm.

This is a free service for approx 1.5 hours as an introduction to Golf for those who wish to learn.

Golf is a great fun game with great sporting morals and disciplines while providing good physical exercise.

Could you please pass this on to any of your students/parents/caregivers for their information.

There are only a certain number that can attend so those first in will be the lucky ones.

If any of your students/parents require more information could they please contact the office at the golf club on 07 888 6109 or reply in writing to

PE Shed Leaders this weekM - Kate, Kiera, Lucy

Tu - Zoe, Louise

W - Chucky, Joel

Th - 

F - 
Winter OlympicsBoys bring your lunch and come to Room 3 at 1:10pm to sort sports