Monday 16 October 2017
Matamata Intermediate

A Message to Start the Term
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Ag Day
If you are entering an animal in Ag day tomorrow please come to Room 12 in break 2 to collect a final notice and to check the list to see your details are correct on the programme.
Agriculture DayToday is our Agriculture Day.

This is a really important day for the students who have spent countless hours preparing their animals for competing. To show them respect, we need to keep right away from the field and the field side of classrooms  in Break 1 and 2. 
Rooms 3,4,5,6,7,8 need to get anything they need from the cloak bay during the morning being very quiet and then need to leave their classroom through their classroom door on the office side of the room. 

Classes may go and look at the animals with their teacher after 11am if they can walk around very quietly and the animals stay settled and calm. 
No bells will ring after 8:45 until 1:10 so please use common sense and go inside at the end of the break when your teacher indicates break is finished. 
CANTEENLunch Monitors - as per the notice below, please note that Moosies and Juicies will only be available on Fridays. Come to the office to change your orders if need be.
Christmas Shoe BoxesA lot of you are going to make Christmas very special for another child this year with the Christmas Shoe Boxes you are filling up. These boxes will be collected on Thursday 26 October so make sure you have them ready by then.
                                                                     Xmas Child.PNG
9.20 Kaylee Johns Rm 1
9.50 Tyler O'Brien Rm 7
10.50 Paris Morgan-Hemopo Rm 4
10.50 Hunter Mclean Rm 12
11.20 Hayley Te Moananui Rm 10
11.50 Connor Goodwin Rm 3
8.50 Gina-mare Leaf Rm 8
8.50 Levi Mitchell Harman Rm 1
9.15 Sophee-ann Knaggs Rm 1
9.20 James Brown Rm 8
10.50 Jessica Walton Rm 9
10.50 Meisha Turnbull Rm 1
11.20 Jahrome Wharawhara Rm 12
11.20 Ashton Logie Rm 14
11.50 Ryan D'abo Rm 5
1.20 Naketa Alp-kerei Rm 13
2.20 Sophie Hunt Rm 7
2.30 Adrien Collins-Wharawhara Rm 6
Guitar/Singing/Piano/Keyboard lessonsSpaces are available for any students interested in learning Guitar, Singing, Piano & Keyboard lessons this term. Register your name with Mr Barratt if you are interested in taking up this opportunity.

"Music can change the world because it can change people"- Bono
Librarian todayNoah Cox you are on library duty today. But you are not required till Bl 3 after assembly.
Library BooksAll books that have been out over the holidays and last term are now overdue.  Please take a responsible attitude and get them in this week. There are several students who have lost their books and need to pay for their replacement. Please see Mrs McLennan about that and don't make her chase you up.
MIS Debating1:10 Thursday lunchtime - rain or shine! If it is wet we will meet in the library, if fine meet in Room 9. 

Our topic this week: "Violent video games promote youth violence." Choose your position for the affirmative or negative and bring your notes. This term there will be weekly prizes for top debaters.
Presentation Cup If you take a pride in your books and would like to be considered for the end of year Presentation Cup, please show your teacher your best literacy book, maths book, and two other books of your choice. Each class must submit at least 1 set of books with a maximum of 4 sets. 

They are to be sent to the Board Room on Friday 20th October and will be returned to you at the start of week 2. 

More notices about Prize Giving Awards you can apply for in Wednesday's notices

                                                                 Image result for creative commons prize awards
Talent Quest 2017Hall sound and projector technicians, please meet with Mr Barratt in the Music Suite at break 1 today.

EatingThis term there is a change to eating expectations to help the management of rubbish at school.

Break 1 and Break 2:
Students are to eat outside their OWN classroom. Each class is responsible for making sure this area is rubbish free at the end of a break.  Finish eating before wandering around the grounds or going to play.

Lunch Eating:
Lunch eating will be 1:00 till 1:10 and all students will be sitting in their house area and supervised by their house teachers. 
Students need to stay seated in their house area until finished eating at lunch time.
Each house is responsible for making sure their eating area is rubbish free when eating is finished. 

Juicies and Moosies will only be available on Fridays. Students need to stay seated while eating these and then put the tube in the bin. 

rubbish bin.png
Sausage SizzleThere will be a sausage sizzle in Break 2 Tuesday. If you would like a sausage then bring $2. There may still be Ag Day judging happening at this time so you will need to show respect by lining up very quietly and waiting patiently for your sausage. Please wait in the paved area between R3 and the pool.
Student Leaders 2017Please could Conor.G and Ericka.L see Mrs Muter in Rm1 asap. Thanks
Sun SafeWe believe in sun safety at MIS so everyone wears a hat in term 4. By next Tuesday, you need to have sorted a school hat if you don't have one at the moment. 

It needs to be worn each break, each day, regardless of the weather. 

Image result for creative commons sun hat

PE Shed Term 4Just a reminder that Room 3 is on PE shed this term. Please order gear in advance and let us know when you have put gear back by PE shed door
Winter OlympicsThere will be the following trials this week;

Girls - Wednesday lunch time
Boys - Thursday lunch time

Both - Friday afternoon block