Wednesday 21 August 2019
Matamata Intermediate

Cloakbay ChallengeBetween Thursday 15th August to Thursday 22nd August you are tasked with the challenge to keep your cloakbay clean and tidy.  Miss J will come and visit during the day at some stage and award your cloakbay a mark out of 10.  There is a prize up for grabs for the winning class/classes.  Work together and play your part to treat your cloakbay with care:)
After four days our top cloakbay is still Rm 12.  

11:30am  Alyssa Snell - Rm 6

12:00pm - Hunter Harris - Rm  ?

3:00pm - Elizabeth Van Den Broek - Rm 6  (mum attending)
ICAS Exams All students who signed up for ICAS exams meet Mrs Nicholls at Break 1 today in the library for important information. If you cant remember whether you signed up or not please attend.
Lost propertyIs this anyone's hoodie?

Attachment: 46Hoodie.jpg
Reception Duty
Reception duty for today is:
Receptionists please bring work with you.
Block 1 -Room 10
Morning tea - Azalea Allport and Poppy Hansen-Steel
Block 2 -Room 9
Block 3 -Room 9
Block 4 -Room 4
Tough Guy & Gal Challenge - RotoruaA reminder: that the Tough Guy & Gal Challenge is this Thursday, 22nd August. 

Meet in the hall on Thursday with all your gear at 7:25am. We will leave school by 7:40am and return before 3:00pm. Please be at school on time. All cars are to be parked on the netball courts.

What to wear: BRIGHT CHEERFUL clothing

It is compulsory to wear covered in shoes during the event. You will get wet and muddy. Wear outdoor leisure wear/sports clothing - thermals dependant on weather conditions. Football or Rugby boots with molded studs are acceptable, running spikes or boots with aluminium studs are not permitted. 

What to bring - Extras: A dry set of clean clothing, beanie and jacket is highly recommended following your event. Clean towel(s) and warm water (if possible) to wipe off mud etc. Plastic bags to put wet muddy clothing and shoes into. Plenty of food and liquids. Warm thermos food/liquids are recommended.

ALL Science Fair ParticipantsPlease meet in Room 11 for a brief meeting at the start of Block 3 today. Whaea Carol will be updating the list of participants and giving further details.

Matua's SportsMon
Break One - Softball (meet in Rm 6). Jaxon, Piri, Jacob, Kassia, Kate, Meg, Ellie, Emma, Esther, Zangthigh

Lunch - Softball (Only the new ones)

Break One - Leroy and Jack Edgecome Table tennis in Culture Room

Lunch - AIMS RUGBY TEAM + Piri, Van, Gryff, Zayden

Break One - Fast Pitch practise with King Kees and Kate

Lunch - Boxing - Colin 4, Tyler 13, Josh 13, Jaxon 6, Mason 9, Abbie 5, Dinequa 4, Caley 6, Katie 5, Tayla 5, Ollie 4?, Madison 5

PE Shed Leaders this weekM - Katelin, Emily, Tahle

Tu - Angel, Heavenly, Ashley S

W - Jayden, Emma

Th - Milla, Megan

F - Kaiya, Grace, Hayley-Ann