Thursday 10 June 2021
Tauraroa Area School

Breakfast Club HelpersHi all. Here are the details for the new Breakfast Roster. Please make a note of these days, and/or see me to confirm days. 

MONDAYS: Blane Hood, Cinda, Sharney

TUESDAYS: Brianna, Blane Hood

WEDNESDAYS: M'Lago and April

THURSDAYS: Brianna, Wyatt

FRIDAYS: Brianna, Wyatt, Harre, Hunter S.

Others who volunteered (Sophie M, Kate H, Cruz N, Ellie M) - please confirm with Whaea Anna which days suit.

If any of the DOE students want some extra hours, I would LOVE some helpers to tidy up the junior art space and make a bit more room for breakfast club, as well as some gardening helpers for the teachers' outdoor patio area (weeding the raised flower beds etc).

See Whaea Anna, or email me.
Music Room Closed Lunchtimethis week sorry.
Netball Draw
Games this week:
Thursday - TAS Int has defaulted as all our Year 8s are at camp
Saturday - TAS Coll vs Marist, 1.30pm, court 12. Meet at 1pm. Whaea Anna will be playing at this time. Niamh and Paige to run a warm up and do the card please.
TAS Juniors 9am, court 7 vs KPS Purple. Be there at 8.45am. If ANY juniors cannot play, you must get your teacher to email Whaea Anna asap.

Word of the Week

Gallop - use an adverb or an -ing start


noun: gallop

  1. the fastest pace of a horse or other quadruped, with all the feet off the ground together in each stride.
    Unexpectedly, the horse broke into a furious gallop.

    • a ride on a horse at a gallop.
      plural noun: gallops
      Going for a gallop on the sands was a joy to the rider.

    • a very fast pace of running by a person.
      Desperately, she ran after them at a gallop.

      a track or ground where horses are exercised at a gallop.
      Fracturing a foreleg on the gallops, the horse nevertheless finished the race.


verb: gallop; 3rd person present: gallops; past tense: galloped; past participle: galloped; gerund or present participle: galloping

(of a horse) go at the pace of a gallop.
Galloping along the sand was an exhilarating experience.

Similar: race, canter, run, rush, dash, tear, sprint, bolt, fly, shoot, dart, hurry, hasten

speed, streak, hurtle, career, hare, scamper, scurry, scud, go like lighting,go like the wind

Lope, prance, frisk, zoom, pelt, scoot, hotfoot it, belt, zip, whip, go like a bat out of hell

bomb, leg it

Opposite: amble

  • make (a horse) gallop.

    Determinedly, Leota galloped in from the halfway line.

proceed at great speed.
Galloping through your speech will not get you good marks.

  • (of a process or event) progress in a rapid and seemingly uncontrollable manner.
    Curiously, his life gallops headlong towards disaster


early 16th century: from Old French galop (noun), galoper, variants of Old Northern French walop, waloper (see wallop).
World VisionPlease remember to bring in a generous donation tomorrow for our sponsored child, Pyae Sone, and his community in Myanmar. HT

Whai Tika/Duty: To do what is right. What a person ought"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope." Winston Churchill.

BALL TICKETSYear 11, 12 and 13's - Ball tickets are available from Mrs Chaplin's office at lunchtime. $60 per ticket. Not long until Saturday 19th so don't forget to purchase your ticket! 
De-stress Movie sessionCome along to room 29 Wednesday 9th June at Lunchtime for a de-stress movie activity, as part of Y12 Health class. 

We will also be running them on Tues 15th & Wed 16th June (next week) same place and time. 
Y11 - 13 all welcome. 

`PeriodGuitar timetable
9.00P1.1Alex Pascoe (5)Carter Rankilor (5)Molly Toshach (5)
Sara Tunstall (5)Jimmy NelsonBentley Clauson-Daley (5)
9.25P1.2Kyra Murray (7)Summer Mcdonald (6)Lia Pascoe (7)
Hinehana Opai (7)Olivia Dainty (7)Zeeva Sutton (7)
9.55P2.1Francesca King (7)Jelsha Eastes (5)
10.20P2.2Paint Aniwat (8)Oliver Howes (8)Archie Hay (8)
Kate Hunter (8)
11.10P3.1Natalia Azar (9)
11.40P3.2Charlotte Atkinson (10)Jorja Simpson (12)Ruby Froggatt (12)
12.10P4.1Asher Hovell (10)Hunter Stenhouse (10)Ella Toshach (9)
12.40P4.2Mathew Human (9)Julian Cannelll (9)
2.10P5.1Lachlan Newman (10)
2.40P5.2Paige Rogers (10)Lily Johns (9)
Adah Winslow (11)Niamh Coles-Gollop
Trumpet lessonsNo lessons today, Mr H is away.

Basketball Games

This week's basketball games are:

Wednesday = TAS Year 3/4 vs Rawhiti Roa Kiwis at 4:30pm on court 2

TAS Year 5/6 vs Glenbervie Thunder at 5:00pm on court 2

Thursday = TAS Year 7/8 vs Pumpkin at 4:45pm on court 1

TAS Black vs WBHS Black at 5:30pm on court 3

TAS Green vs WBHS Gold at 4:45pm on court 3

TAS Girls vs Dargaville at 6:15pm on court 1

TAS Senior Boys vs Blaze at 5:30pm on court 1

Basketball Practices

This week's basketball practices are all cancelled due to Mr McDonald being away on Year 8 Camp.

Next week we will be back to normal.


Netball all levelsNo intermediate or senior training today at lunchtime. Whaea Anna, and most of the intermediate team, are away today. 

Intermediates, you have NO GAME tonight as we have defaulted your game - too many are at camp. Saturday game times for seniors will be posted ASAP.

Juniors, we have training tomorrow (Friday) at lunchtime. If wet, we'll meet under the covered area in the junior school.

Kia ora. Whaea Anna, Amelie, Jennifer.

Year 11
BP ChallengeThe BP challenge is a 3 day Business competition - You are invited!
please bring back permission slips ASAP

You will be taken from school and returned to school in time for buses
Copies of 'The Outsiders'A great many of last year's Year 10 borrowed copies of 'The Outsiders'. As this a whole year study text, we need these copies back as soon as possible. Return them to any of the English teachers.

Year 10
BP ChallengeThe BP challenge is a 3 day Business competition - You are invited!
please bring back permission slips ASAP

You will be taken from school and returned to school in time for buses