Monday 18 February 2019
Tauraroa Area School

Ice blocks and polesEvery interval and Lunch- at canteen
For the next month
 Lemonade Ice blocks $2
Fruit Ice Poles $1
LitterPlease take care to put litter in the bins or back in your bag. Too much rubbish is being dropped within a few paces from a bin! Come on, let's do it for Greg!

Town Basin Loop walk - 5.30pm Sat 23 FebWhangarei South Rotary Club is, once again, planning a Because we can Town Basin Loop walk - to raise funds to assist with the eradication of Polio. The walk will take place on Sat 23 Feb, commencing at 7.30pm at the Canopy Bridge in town. Glow sticks will be on sale, and donations can be made to assist with raising funds. See the posters around the school - or speak with Mr Kirk.

Whai tika/DutyHe aha te huarahi?  I runga i te tika, te pono me te aroha. (What is the pathway?  It is doing what is right, with integrity and compassion)

NetballAny students wishing to play Saturday netball for Tauraroa please email me (Julie Tarr).  TRIALS are Tuesday 19 February @ TAS at 3.25pm.  Please come changed and ready.  Make sure you have the correct shoes.
Otago Uni Maths Competition (Yrs 9-11)Any student in Yr 9-11 who enjoys Maths and enjoys a challenge, please see Mr Kirk (R15) before Fri 1 March to register for this important and prestigious Maths Competition. Last year TAS had 23 entries - lets see if we can beat that this year!!
Updated timetables for Years 7-13All Year 7-13 students will have an updated printout of their current timetable to collect from their teacher at Waka time today.
For many there are no changes but some students have had rooms or options adjusted. Any student with clashes or gaps on their timetable please see Mr McCartney in DP office anytime today except Lesson 3.

Guitar Lessons times
P1 First HalfJelsha EastesAnna SnellingFranceska King
P1 Second HalfBrody SnellingArchie HayAnahira TupouHolly CantJanne LootsOliver Howes
P2 First HalfMatthew LiggettStacy Matthews
P2 Second halfJayden Angus
P3 First halfJorja SimpsonRuby FroggattMorgan DohertyJoel Perkins
P3 Second halfAngharad Yearbury-MurphyJack Thompson
P4 First halfPaige RogersPedro HayNoah CatesLily JohnsLock Anderson-SmithShakyla Selwyn
P4 Second halfConnor Mose
Junior Concert BandThis band starts on today period three for all students learning woodwind or brass instruments (clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, flute) who are not in senior concert band or Mr Hopper's Y7 music class.

Athletics Friday 22nd February
Year 9-13 Athletics champs in town
You may enter 4 events- start thinking about what they will be .
Basketball Trials and PracticesThis week's basketball trials and practices will take place at lunchtime on the turf for all year levels.
These sessions are:

Tuesday = Senior trial (Year 9-13)
Wednesday = Year 7/8 practice
Thursday = Junior (Year 3-6) practice

Bring a drink bottle - it's hot out there!

Mr McDonald

Year 13
Wifi Codes availableYear 11 - 13, please come to the office during interval or lunch for your wifi code.

Year 12
NCEA Level 2 Te Reo course.NCEA Level 2 Te Reo has been moved in the timetable (Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3 & Thurs 5). Any Year 12 or 13 students who have already achieved Level 1 Te Reo and are interested in picking up Level 2 Te Reo as an NCEA subject see Matua Paul, Mrs Cameron or Mr McCartney today please.
Wifi Codes availableYear 11 - 13, please come to the office during interval or lunch for your wifi code.

Year 11
Wifi Codes availableYear 11 - 13, please come to the office during interval or lunch for your wifi code.