Tuesday 12 February 2019
Tauraroa Area School

9 and 10 Non-Competitive ShakespeareMeeting at lunch today in room 16. Bring your lunch HT
Happy Birthday JoshHappy Birthday to Josh M From TAINUI.GP (12 February)
Happy Valentine's Day bake sale Bring your gold coins on Thursday 14th and support the Wellbeing Team's Valentine's Day bake sale - raising $$ for Relay For Life.  Buy your special someone a sweet treat...  Share the ... loooovvveeee
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LitterPlease take care to put litter in the bins or back in your bag. Too much rubbish is being dropped within a few paces from a bin! Come on, let's do it for Greg!

Art ClassesArt Classes will be starting at Maungakaramea Primary School on Tuesdays 3.15pm - 4.45pm starting the 12.2.19, with internationally acclaimed tutor Linda Sabbage 
No previous art experience or natural art talent required, come along and have a try.

Town Basin Loop walk - now 7.30pm Sat 9 March (NOT 23 Feb)Whangarei South Rotary Club is, once again, planning a Because we can Town Basin Loop walk - to raise funds to assist with the eradication of Polio. The walk will now take place on Sat 9 March, commencing at 7.30pm at the Canopy Bridge in town. Glow sticks will be on sale, and donations can be made to assist with raising funds. See the posters around the school - or speak with Mr Kirk.
Word of the Week

Dictionary result for flexible

  1. capable of bending easily without breaking.
    "flexible rubber seals"
    synonyms:pliable, supple, easily bent, bendable, pliant, malleable, mouldable, stretchable, workable, limber, ductile, tensile, plastic; 
    • able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances.
      "Small businesses which are dependent on flexible working hours."
      synonyms:adaptable, adjustable, open-ended, open, open to change, changeable, variable, fluid, versatile
      "job sharing and other flexible arrangements"
    • (of a person) ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.
      "You can save money if you're flexible about where your room is located."
      synonyms:accommodating, adaptable, amenable, biddable, willing to compromise, cooperative, tolerant, forgiving, 
      long-suffering, easy-going
      "They have accepted the need to be flexible towards tenants."

Join the Wellbeing Team 2019Calling all seniors, year 9-13.  You are hereby invited to join the Wellbeing Team in 2019.  Committed students who have a heart for actively contributing to the positive wellbeing of our school, our community and globally are welcome.  Some of the things the Wellbeing Team are committed to include:  SADD, Anti-Bullying, Mental Health week, 40-Hour Famine, Kickstart, etc...

If this sounds like something you want to help with, then come along to the library for our first and second meetings - Thursday 7th and Thursday 14th Feb at waka time (8.40-9am).

See you there!
Mrs Pascoe.
Locker AllocationPlease could the following students come to the office at morning tea
Chad Pienaar
Paige Walker
Trinny Mischewski
Jess Hill
Matthew Parry
Finn Doherty
Aafje Schroder
Zoe willem Pritchard
Morgan Doherty
Catherine Hang
Lara Galley
Sade O'Toole
Alec Timperley
Rhiannon Morris
Emma Jane Matthews
Fleur Willem Pritchard
Emma Dutton
Sam Dutton
Vincent Metcalfe
Dani Ball
Aimee Jury
Matthew Liggett
Connor Mose
NetballAny students wishing to play Saturday netball for Tauraroa please email me (Julie Tarr).  TRIALS are Tuesday 19 February @ TAS at 3.25pm.  Please come changed and ready.  Make sure you have the correct shoes.
Ring BindersWe will be disposing of all the ring binders on Friday so if you want one, come and claim it from Room 16. HT

Room 3All Room 3 students to the front of the school for individual photos at 8:45 today. Line up in alphabetical order of family names. Thanks!
Room 4All Room 4 students to the front of the school for individual photos at 9:00 today. Line up in alphabetical order of family names. Thanks!
Room 5All Room 5 students to front of school for individual photos at 9:15 today. Line up in alphabetical order of family names. Thanks!
Room 6All Room 6 students to front of school for individual photos at 9:30 today. Line up in alphabetical order of family names. Thanks!

Concert BandThis starts tomorrow, along with woodwind lessons. Rehearsal is after school. Please make sure you have a lift home or see Mr Hopper to arrange a ride. Bring extra food for afternoon tea.
Trumpet Lesson Times
First HalfSecond Half
Tuesday P4AshleyJonti
Friday P5Emma J, Emma HIzzy

Area School teamsYOU should all be thinking about what teams you would like to trial for this year. Please email or see me if you are interested. Julie Tarr.

Year 12
Mr Kirk's Yr 12 Maths classA reminder that there is a Yr 12 Maths catch up tutorial in Rm 15 from 1.15pm - 1.45pm today. Please be on time, and yes - by all means bring your lunch.
Study monitorsYear 12s wanting to be study room helpers please see or email Mr Cave

Year 9
Peer Support Wednesday period 5All Year 9 students, please come to the outdoor stage immediately after lunchtime on Wednesday (start period 5) to be arranged into your Peer Support groups.  Mrs Pascoe.